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MVM Energy 2.0 Race

MVM Energy 2.0 Race

MVM Group has launched Energy 2.0 – Right Now With You program this March, aiming to draw attention to the radical changes needed in energy consumption and the tools available to achieve them. The changes in question - also numerically prescribed by year 2020 - are essential for our environment, for us, for our future.

The program includes a special event connected to European Mobility Week, between 16 and 18 September 2011. MVM Energy 2.0 Race brings a defined message to the entire population of the country, along with the excitement of the race.
MVM Group, as a responsible national company pays special attention to the reduction of carbon-dioxide emission and growth of renewable energy usage.

MVM Energy 2.0 Race presents Alternatively Driven Vehicles, first to be organized in a European capital. Participating in the race, the presently available green technologies show themselves, that the vehicle industry might adopt them. The vehicles of the starting line are constructed by young professionals, mostly engineering students supported by committed companies, university research centers and university departments. Along with them as a specific category, environmental friendly commercial cars present themselves: those could already be purchased in retail stores.

While the extraordinary race proclaims the real opportunity of carbon-dioxide free transport, professionals present to the visitors the also CO2 free sectors of power generation, like the Paks Nuclear Plant, which produces energy on an industrial scale with the lowest rate of pollution. The success of summer festivals, Energy 2.0 Island will also be organized at the event bringing fun and instructive programs to the children.

Venues of the event, program listing:

  • On 16 September, Friday, the unique vehicles of the race arrive to the parking of MVM Headquarters (207-209 Szentendrei Rd. Budapest, H-1031).
  • On 17 September, Saturday, from 9.00 am the vehicles march from the MVM Headquarters to Oktogon to occupy their boxes.
  • On 17 September, the march is followed by the exhibition and presentation of the vehicles, along with family programs.
  • On 18 September, Sunday, the race begins at 9.00 am along Andrássy Street, between Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Street and Opera.

The detailed program will be published soon.